Shelley Biss

Jazz Vocalist/Manager

Shelley Biss is a jazz vocalist living in Anchorage, Alaska.  She just put out her first jazz album HEARTSONGS with many local musicians including Dan McElrath, Dirk Westfall, and Cameron Cartland.  She sings locally at many clubs, weddings, events, and gigs.

Pricing and Booking for Shelley Biss and Northern Lights Jazz

Pricing depends on a number of different factors. We take into account a number of things which we can discuss with you on the phone or email. Before calling, please take some time to consider the following questions:

  1. How long do you want our band will play?
  2. How many instruments (how large of a band) will you want?
  3. Will a PA system (speakers, mic, etc) be provided or will we need to bring our own?
  4. Will the band act also as the MC or announcer for your program, wedding, etc.?
  5. How large is your event?
  6. Is your event outside of the Anchorage bowl?
  7. How many locations do you want the band, for instance will the band play in more than one spot, say at a Wedding ceremony and then at the reception?
  8. Are their special tunes you want and will need to to be learned, for instance a special dance for a wedding, or jingle of a business?

The typical price for hiring the band ranges, with a minimum of $500. There are many special considerations to be made, depending on your event. Please contact Shelley Biss at (907) 229-9437 to discuss pricing options and specifics. We strive to make your event special, unique, and one outstanding class act!

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